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October 08 2018

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Well, that depends on your definition of free speech. Going by United Nations (the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is by far the most widely adapted, though not necessarily considered international law, and rarely considered above domestic) there is an exception for protection of public order, which arguably means that if a crime must be committed for the expression/speech to occur, such as in the case of child pornography, this expression is not covered by the freedom of speech principle. 

This idea that freedom of speech is not to be mitigated by other rights of individuals is rather new. There have always been limits to free speech, deriving from other rights and principles (the harm principle to name just one). So, while the particulars of said limits and the limits of said limits are up for dispute, historically it's never been understood that freedom of speech means ability to say absolutely anything without being held accountable whatsoever.
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October 07 2018

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October 06 2018

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