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February 21 2017

You know, if you cut me open, I’m still a newspaperman. I will still bleed ink.
The Uncertain Future of Photojournalism - The New York Times
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Robert, you peace of shit!
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They wanted to shoot me making games on local TV. I couldn't resist.

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Jebane Quetzalcoatle
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February 20 2017

Jeden objaw jak jedna randka- o niczym nie świadczy.
— Profesor od psychiatrii
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At least I'm safe inside my mind
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przechodzi po 30-tce
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I live by this quote

Made this my senior quote

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The chosen one
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"I’m an #assholeparent because I’m taking her to Disneyland tomorrow. Not today. Via @sambouwer1" via Asshole Parents
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