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April 05 2017

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Yarisal & KublitzAnger Release Machine, 2008

Experience the most satisfying feeling when a piece of China breaks into million pieces . All you have to do is insert a coin, and a piece of China will Slowly move forwards and fall into the bottom of the machine, breaking, and leaving you happy and relieved of anger.

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Rick and Morty - The Rickshank Redemption

Here’s season 3 episode 1 of Rick and Morty!

Adult Swim is showing it on their site for free and repeating it until midnight HERE!

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Aby zachęcić młodych ludzi do pozostania w Polsce
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Seibu Railway released some cool good manners posters inspired by ukiyo-e
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jarek puczel.
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April 04 2017

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this hits too close to home

If you die in Poland you respawn in the last Biedronka you went to

I guess that’s why they’re always so crowded

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